Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Birthday Wishlist

Its my birthday in just over one month! Seen lots of little things everywhere that I really want, not sure if I will ask for them for my birthday or just save up to get them for myself! I'm not a big fan of asking for birthday presents, I hate the idea of someone else spending their money on me... I feel so guilty! Is that weird?
Really have my eye on getting a UV nail lamp with the hardening varnish, I love painting my nails and I have used this in a salon but it seems like such a good idea to have one at home. Also would love to get some nail art pens as it would make all the little patterns I like to attempt a lot easier. On the subject of nails I'm loving Model's Own 'Utopia', almost bought it today but put it back :( I'd already spent too much money. Other thins include jewellery, rings in particular these ones from River Island caught my eye today. And the purse! Oh my god the purse from River Island was gorgeous. I love anime films :) haven't seen Ponyo yet :) I've run out of Moroccan oil now, my last bottle lasted me over a year, even though I've practically used it every day! Can't get enough of this stuff.
Not got much planned for my birthday, I'm not really a big party-er (im so boring) and lots of my friends have birthdays in March which we are going out clubbing for so I'm keeping my birthday an intimate one! Think I'm going to have a meal with my friends, I like that sort of atmosphere. One exciting thing that is happening on my birthday is The Hunger Games is coming out in the cinema! I've been a massive fan of the books and I'm so excited about the film! Mega nerd.


  1. Also can't get enough of Moroccain Oil, really is amazing! Hope you have a nice birthday when it finally arrives! sounds like you have good plans anyway :) xoxo

  2. Everyone keeps going on about the Hunger Games, but I just won't have the time to read it until Summer (English degrees mean set books, boo). Happy early birthday!

    1. oh what a shame! its such a good read. thank you! x

  3. Ahhh, I totally want a UV lamp too! I asked for one for my birthday this week but got told no: nightmare! Hopefully you'll have more success wrangling that one :)

  4. The colour of the models own nail polish looks amazing ! xx

  5. I really want to get the moroccan oil alos. Looks amazing!

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