Sunday, 11 March 2012

Spring/Summer pastels from Topshop

Who would have thought it ey, we're all going to be getting into our pastels for summer. I'll be perfectly honest, about 2 months ago when I was quite happily snuggled up in my winter wardrobe I wasn't too keen on this ol' pastel and neon trend which was fast approaching! But I strolled into Topshop last week for a quick browse and fell in love. I want everything. It's a shame I'm POOR!! :(
Here are the bits I picked up, the shirt and the trousers both from Topshop, shoes are actually from New Look, sorry I wasn't very consistent with this one! I'm really excited to add a few more pastel pieces to my collection, feeling really summery now. Once again I apologise for my hair... woops.
Also, this is how I am wearing my nails today, let me know if you want to see a separate post?


  1. That outfit is gorgeous! I can't stop buying pastels!

  2. i am loving wearing pastel colour on my nails right now xx


  3. Love the colours of this outfit! Your nails look brilliant too! x

  4. The nails are soo nice and the outfit is loverly
    Would appreciate it if you came to check out my blog maybe we could follow eachother ?

  5. Very pretty, I love your nails :)

  6. Such a pretty outfit, really like your blog :) x

  7. We love pastels so much, sometimes hard to wear considering how pale I am though!
    You look gorgeous in them and we like the bun. :)

    Cool blog, we are new followers.
    JS xx



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